It scans for registry errors, attempts to fix them and creates registry backups
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SweetPCFix is a utility designed to help its users enjoy a faster, error-free PC. They can achieve this by using the utility to scan for registry errors, fix them and create registry backups and control points.
The application comes with an elegant user-interface made up of six sliding-panes. The registry scan is not a lengthy process and it will check for system-related errors, COM and ActiveX errors, user-related errors, as well as startup and uninstall errors. After identifying these errors, the utility will proceed to the fixing stage. Registry backups can also be created. They will allow users to return to older configurations by selecting a specific backup that has been created and requesting for it to be restored. A history of full and partial backups will, of course, be kept. Each backup will be associated with the date and time at which it has been generated. The "Settings" section allows for automatic scans to be scheduled and for scan areas to be selected from a list. By default, all scan areas will be checked for errors when prompting for a scan to be made.
Briefly, SweetPCFix is a piece of software aimed at eliminating situations where open programs and processes run too slowly on one's computer. It does this by scanning for registry errors and attempting to fix them.

Margie Smeer
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  • It performs fast scans of registries.
  • It fixes registry errors.
  • Automatic scans can be scheduled.
  • Registry backups can be created so that certain configurations can later be restored


  • More backup management options could be useful (such as being able to view them or give them significant names)
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